New Year, New Roof?

We’ve had a decent amount of snow and rain in Utah this year, which can make you aware of some places your home may need improvement.  If you are getting a large amount of ice accumulating on your roof, you may want to install heat cables, which assist in melting the ice and snow on your roof.

It’s always a good idea to check you roof prior to selling.  If your home needs a new roof, it can often deter potential buyers, or even hold up the buying process during the inspection.  Many local roofing companies offer free inspections that include an estimate to help you understand what kind of condition your roof is in.  Sometimes a full roof replacement isn’t required, but simply needs re-shingled.  A professional roofing company can tell you the extent of work your roof will require.  Most roofing projects can be completed throughout the spring and summer.  The housing market will get a boost this spring as sellers begin to list, so make a list of home improvements you’ll need before listing your home. 

If you home does require new shingles, consider it an opportunity to add an extra pop to your home.  There are numerous shingles options available to ensure you find something that matches the color scheme and style of your home.  Just as painting your door or replacing your garage door can add an updated look to your home, so can updating your shingles.  It’s another element of curb appeal that a potential buyer may notice as they initially pull up to your home.  


There are many home improvements that can add value and appeal to your home.  If you are preparing your Utah home for the housing market, contact Savvy Staging Co., and let one of our consultants assist you in staging your home to sell.  


We’re so excited for fall we can hardly stand it!  The sweater weather, the pumpkin flavored everything, the leaves….. those darn leaves.  While we love them, they can create havoc for a home walk through.  Leaves can be tracked into the home making a mess of your carpet.  Another problem leaves cause is that they can leave a sore first impression for potential buyers.  Just picture it now-your potential buyers get out of their car and the first thing they see are leaves.  Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves everywhere!  The last thing a potential buyer wants to see when they walk through a home is the amount of work they are going to have to put into it.

Curb appeal isn’t

just for spring.

Many sellers only associate curb appeal with selling their home in the spring or summer, but curb appeal is crucial year round.  While the tips for curb appeal differ for the changing seasons, it’s important to take a detailed look at the outside of your home.  Try looking at it as if perceiving it for the first time.  What do you notice?  What do you like?  What do you dislike?  Here are a couple quick tips for fall season curb appeal:logo_small

-Rid the lawn of leaves

-Trim back bushes, hedges, and trees

-Primp your porch

              (This includes sweeping your porch, adding a nice welcome mat, and a wreath.)

Fall is a beautiful time of year to sell, there aren’t as many homes going up on the market, so your home has a better chance to shine.  At Savvy Staging Co., we have the skills to help your home stand out to potential buyers.  Let one of our staging consultants assist you today.  Contact us now at 801.643.6029.



Well lit rooms are crucial to your home looking as spacious as possible.  Open your blinds and draw back the curtains to let in natural light.  By allowing light to come in, it can help your rooms appear larger and also lets your paint show off its full vibrance.  We also recommend leaving lights on if you know you’re having a walk through.  That way potential buyers aren’t fumbling around searching for light switches.  Which can be very distracting.

If your home has limited lighting, you may want to consider bringing in some lamps, especially since many walk throughs occur at night when there isn’t as much natural light available to help illuminate your rooms.  Lamps can also be excellent accent pieces for your rooms, adding just the right amount of style or color.  It’s also a good idea to take a few minutes to replace all burned out light bulbs throughout your home.  It’s a quick step that is well worth your time.

At Savvy Staging Co., we understand the importance of a well illuminated space.  We understand selling your home in a timely manner is incredibly important.  Contact us today to schedule a Signature Savvy Walk Through, where we provide custom tips and recommendations for your home.  Let us help you prepare to list.



Preparing your home to put on the market is stressful enough, so is it really necessary to deep clean?  The simple answer is yes.  As buyers make their initial walk through, they are often looking at every nook and cranny.  When you haven’t taken the time to deep clean, often the messy areas can be a distraction for potential buyers, robbing attention from some of your home’s greatest assets.  A cleaning tip that is often overlooked is cleaning chair rail, crown molding, door framing, and base boards.  These areas are often bright white, making them more obvious if they are dirty.  Wiping down these base boards provides a fresh clean perspective for the buyer.  Take a look at the photos below.  See how the baseboards can be a distraction in the picture on the left?

Savvy Staging provides several handouts during our initial walk through, one of them is our list of suggested products.  For wiping down walls, we suggest Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface cleaner (I love their lime scent) or a Norwex cloth.   Another area that often distracts buyers is stained carpet.  If you don’t plan to replace the carpet, take the step to have it professionally cleaned.  It can improve, the look, texture, and scent of your carpet, making it a worthwhile endeavor.   Savvy Staging also provides a list of trusted professionals to help you make sure your carpet cleaning is done hassle free.  We’re with you every step of the staging process.  If you or someone you know is preparing to sell your home, contact Savvy Staging design consultants today.  Savvy Staging, where we stage your space to