New Year, New House??

365 New Days…365 New Chances! Bring on 2019!


Oh it’s so fun to turn the calendar over to a new year! With the new year comes new chances, goals, aspirations and opportunities. Whether you are on the search for a new home or wanting to make a change in your own, this post is for you! Let the turn of a new year spark a push in your mind for motivation and energy to organize your spaces. When you get that itch, run with it!!

PS, I recommend doing this whether you are moving or not.

Some tips:

  • Don’t try to swallow the whole elephant all at once, start with something small, like a drawer.
  • Give it time, but just start!
  • Let yourself let go of things.
  • Don’t move junk from one space to another, find a home for it, even if it isn’t in your actual home (donate, garbage, recycle, etc)
  • Throw out/donate clothes that haven’t been worn for 2 years.
  • Clean out toy bins while kids aren’t present, this is my personal opinion. It’s so much easier when those kiddos aren’t showing sudden dramatic attachments.
  • Take advantage of storage options. You may be inspired by browsing through Amazon or the Container Store’s websites.
  • Take before and after pictures! Even if you aren’t going to share them with others they can be inspiring for you.
  • Have fun and enjoy the ride! Caffeine helps too!


If you end up sharing any before and after pictures on social media please tag me! @savvydesignandstaging

To Stage, or Not To Stage?


Hear me out for just a minute…

A survey by Coldwell Banker found that staged homes sell for more than 6% above the asking price. So on a $300,00 home that’s an increase up to $18,000!

Buyers are willing to spend 1% to 5% more of the dollar value on a staged home than a non-staged home.

When you hear “home staging,” what are your first thoughts? Maybe that it costs too much, or “I already have furniture,” or that it isn’t necessary? Well let’s iron out some of those concerns…

Yes, staging has some up front costs. However, realtors who work with buyers say most are willing to offer more money for a staged home compared to one that is similar but not staged. Think you’ll see that initial investment come back pretty quick? YES!

Already have furniture? One of our most popular packages includes recommendations for staging your own furniture. A set of fresh eyes can make a big difference. This is a valuable asset to selling your home. What is there to lose?

No, home staging isn’t necessary…but, neither is dessert, but it certainly helps right?? Most buyers are positively impacted by home staging.

How about some more statistics? 81% of buyers say it makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home. Once staged, homes spend an average of 73% less time on the market. THAT’S HUGE!!

Just consider what side of the statistics you want to be on when it comes to the biggest sale you could ever make.



Mud Room Magic


This is my own house and I can’t believe I’m sharing this “Before” but it’s real life and that’s what mudrooms are for, right? I really enjoy seeing a project like this through from start to finish, even if the kids had their way with it a few hours later.

However, I’m sharing this to show that even a brand new house can be unappealing in its own form. The before picture shows every which-way we have used this space, and that’s fine and dandy for day to day use, but doesn’t the “After” just make you give a big “ahhhhhh” sigh of satisfaction? That’s the kind of feeling you want to give a potential home buyer (or anybody)! It’s inviting, organized, clean, pleasing to the eye…you get the picture. Whether you’re looking to sell a home or just kick the spring cleaning into gear, Savvy Staging is here for you!

Before and After

Who doesn’t love a good before and after shot? When selling a home it’s important to show it with its greatest potential in mind. Many times a completely empty home can leave us feeling less than enthusiastic about making a move to buy. Similarly, the thought of filling a blank space can seem too overwhelming to a potential home buyer. Staging with furniture can spark ideas and give us a sense for the scale of a space. Let’s just say it’s never a bad idea when selling a home. This home had an offer BEFORE the actual open house. I’d tally that down as a win.

That’s all for now, enjoy the warm springy weekend!

Pet Hair, Please Care!

Dog 2

We love dogs and cats as much as anyone else… but when you are in the process of preparing your home to sell, fido can certainly get in the way for potential buyers.  Whether the potential buyers are pet people or not, pet related items can be a distraction during walk throughs. We recommend following these steps to make your home pet ready.

“While your pet may be a part of your family,

don’t force your pet on potential buyers.”

Pet Messes:  Make sure your yard or little box are clean and tidy.  Nothing is worse than a buyer being hit by little box smell the moment they walk through the door, except maybe stepping in a pile of dog me

Hair:  Animal hair is not only distracting, but can also cause an allergic reaction for some potential buyers. Pet hair is most visible on furniture but also tends to collect along baseboards and in corners. Make sure to vacuum or sweep in preparation for walk throughs. If your home has a pet bed or other area that has a strong scent, you may want to remove it or at the very least clean and febreeze it.

Pet Time:  I will never forget several walk throughs I had when searching for my own home. One was where a cat greeted us at the front door and proceeded to rub against our legs throughout our entire tour through the home. While I didn’t mind, my husband is highly allergic to cats and had very red and swollen eyes by the end of the walk through, leaving a negative impression. The other walk through that stands out in my mind was another pet incident. We had viewed the inside of the whole home, but when we tried to go out the sliding door to see the back yard, the owners large dog began barking and jumping at the door. We didn’t go outside to find out if he was friendly, so we didn’t see the backyard and may have missed out on more that the house to offer.

Don’t let this happen to your home. While your pet may be a part of your family, don’t force your pet on potential buyers. It may be a good idea to contain your pet in a single room or better yet, take your pet with you and allow your realtor to walk potential buyers through your home pet free.  If you or someone you know is preparing to sell a pet friendly home, contact us to set up a recommendation walk through or a free cleaning consultation.  If you purchased a pet friendly home and need help getting it move in ready, let us provide a free cleaning consultation.  We can assist with ridding homes of urine, dander, and other pet related scents.  We have the skills and products to make your home squeaky clean and ready for you and your family. Contact us today to assist you with your home buying or selling preparation.


Nothing photos better than a clean home, nothing shows better than a clean home, and NOTHING sells better than a clean home. Having a clean home allows potential buyers to see the potential of the space. It makes it appear more open and keep the buyer from being distracted from dusty baseboards or a ring around the tub.  Although it may seem like those small details won’t make a difference when selling your home, sometimes it’s all a buyer can focus on.

A musty smelling home won’t be easy to sell, but neither will a chemical ridden home.  No one wants to be overwhelmed by chemicals walking in the front door.  A home should be clean and have a fresh, welcoming scent.

So what do you do when you don’t have the time to prepare your home for the market?  Whether you are busy with family, work, or even moving into your new home, sometimes you just don’t have the time available to clean and prepare your home for the market.  You could risk your home being on the market for an extended amount of time, you may also run the risk of having to drop the price of your home.

Let us take care of the

cleaning of your home!

There is another answer.  Don’t risk your home taking longer to sell or dropping the price, call Savvy Staging Co.  Did you know we offer extensive cleaning services to fit your every need?  We use natural low scent cleaners to leave your home fresh and clean without the overwhelming odor of strong chemical cleaners.  We bring in all our own supplies and take the mess with us.  Whether you need a light cleaning to prepare your home for photos or a deep clean to prepare your home after you move out, contact us today!  At Savvy Staging Co. we clean and stage homes to sell.



Savvy Cleaning Services

Did you know Savvy Staging Co. also offers home cleaning services?  One of the most influential pieces of preparing a home to list on the market is making sure the home is clean and tidy.  Wiping down walls, baseboards, floors, etc. can add major wow factor to a home, unfortunately, it can also be a time consuming process, so that’s where we come in!  We offer several different custom cleaning packages to fit your home’s needs.

“When you’re listing your house for sale, you need to get Martha Stewart clean! Pretend that you’re selling your house to a germaphobe.” – Andrew Fortune

Having a clean home allows potential buyers to focus on the many assets it has to offer.  We diffuse essential oils to eliminate any odors that may be lingering in your home, such as pet scents, etc.  Sure, everyone has different levels of cleanliness, but when you are preparing your home for the market, get your home in tip top shape.  Pay special attention to these areas:  the entryway (their first and last impression of the interior of your home), the kitchen (a major selling point for most homes), and the bathrooms (don’t make it awkward for a buyer to look in your bathroom, make sure it is clean and tidy).

Put yourself in a buyers shoes:

  • Can they imagine what was cooked the night before based on the smell in the kitchen?
  • Can they identify what type of animal resides in the home based on the smell?
  • Can they picture themselves wanting to use a moldy shower?
  • Does the settled dust make the home feel old or unattended?
  • Will they be distracted by items causing too much clutter?


What if you just bought a home that needs deep cleaned?

Moving is overwhelming enough, but setting foot into a new home that needs deep cleaned is even more stressful.  Let us lighten your burden by cleaning your new home so it’s fresh and clean for you and your family.

Whether you are in need of cleaning services for selling your home or a recently purchased home, we are here to help.  Call or text today to set up a a free consultation,  801-643-6029.


Find The Right Realtor

Let’s face it, we probably all know a realtor… or several!  Finding a realtor that will fit the needs of you and your family is very important.  Use the following tips to make sure your realtor is the right fit for you.

Be Upfront with Your Expectations

Realtors are fantastic, but they are not mind readers.  Be sure to be up front with what your expectations are.  Do you want them to automatically send you listings that match your criteria?  Some buyers prefer to do their own house hunting and have the realtor set up the appointments and attend walk throughs once they have found something they are interested in.  Be open about the best time to schedule appointments to walk through a home.  If there is specific criteria you are looking for in a home, be honest, by telling your realtor what you like/dislike, you will save time and frustration in the long run.   Let them know your preferred method of contact to ensure they can get a hold of you in a timely manner.  If you have a family member or friend, but feel a different realtor could better serve your needs, don’t be afraid to say so.  Your choice in a realtor can have a big impact on the ease of your home selling or buying process.


Recognize a Great Realtor

Be aware of how your realtor contributes to your home buying experience.  Do they add valuable input as you walk through homes?  Realtors have great insight on layout and other areas of homes, so they should be sharing as they attend with you.  Most realtors will also make notes (even if they are just mental ones) of things you liked/disliked about the property to assist them in their future searches for your perfect home.  I really appreciated the realtor that assisted us in our first home purchase, there were so many things I would not have recognized as a first time buyer!

At Savvy Staging Co., we have become familiar with several wonderful realtors in the area.  If you need recommendations for a realtor in Davis or Weber County, contact Savvy Staging Co. today and we would be happy to provide a recommendation.

It’s Tax Time!

It’s tax time everyone! We’ve seen many Utah home sellers using their tax returns on home improvements.  This is a great time to do house projects, and if you got a decent sized return, it could be well worth your while.  Upgrades can help your Utah home sell easier and can also add some major value to your home!  If you have wondered if that upgrade or remodel you have been considering would be worth it, check out the resale value on the following upgrades:


  • Basement Remodel:                      70.4%

  • Deck Addition:                               64.4%

  • Bathroom Remodel:                      65.7%

  • Garage Door Replacement:         91.5%

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel:              83.1%

  • Roofing Replacement:                  71.7%


The majority of the resale values are up from last year.  Many times it’s worth the time and effort for the payout that will come at selling time, especially if you get to enjoy some of those upgrades with your own family for a while before you move.

Extra value set aside, you may want to consider doing an upgrade to avoid paying out at selling time.  Often if your home could use an upgrade and you choose not to do it, potential buyers may expect a reduction in the price.  If your carpet is worn out and you choose not to replace it, a potential buyer may expect a carpet allowance, costing you a lot in the long run.  Some buyers are not in the market for a fixer upper. So even if there is an allowance, if your home requires updates, some buyers may simply not be interested.  Some sellers will even replace carpet on a 12 month no interest plan, and then simply pay off the purchase when the house sells, that way the bad carpet isn’t a distraction during walk throughs.

Let a Utah Savvy Staging Co. consultant do a custom walk through of your home.  We can offer insight as to what upgrades will help your home sell and what outdated items may be a distraction to potential buyers.  Weber or Davis County home staging can make all the difference to selling your home.  Utah staging can help your home sell quicker and for more.  We know selling can be a stressful process, so let us help take some of the burden off.  We are offering many spring specials right now, so contact us today to schedule a staging appointment for your Utah home.  Text or call us now at 801.643.6029.  Savvy Staging Co., where we stage your space to sell.

Start Your Engines!

Spring is a great time to list your home on the market, and it’s just around the corner.  So now is the time to start making improvements to your home so it’s ready to list.  Start your home improvement engines and get those projects done!  By preparing the interior of your home now, it will allow you to focus on the exterior of your home in the upcoming months as the weather warms up.

People often ask what the most common home improvements are.  While these vary from home to home, there are a few things that can benefit almost every home.


  • Clear out the clutter:  Pack up items you won’t need for the next little while.  You’ll be saving yourself time on packing later.  Boxes can be stored in your basement, a garage, or you can even rent a storage unit.  The point is to get clutter and unnecessary items out of your rooms to help them appear more spacious and allow potential buyers to really see the space and imagine how their own family will use it.  
  • Polish up paint:  Touch up spots that require additional paint to give your home a finished look.  One place that commonly requires paint are your baseboards.  Baseboards are at the perfect level for scuffs, dents, and damage.  Since most baseboards are painted white, this can leave them looking awful.  Give your baseboards a fresh coat of paint and you’ll be amazed at the difference.  Beyond touching up existing paint, you may want to apply a whole new color.  At Savvy Staging Co, we can provide a list of neutral colors that will be pleasing to potential buyers.  We definitely recommend painting over bright colors as they can sometimes shock potential buyers and leave a negative impression.  
  • Clean, clean, clean:  Take time to do a deep cleaning of your home, clean your carpets, clean your bathrooms, etc.  You may even want to hire a professional to provide cleaning services for you so that rings in the toilet, stained carpet, and other unwanted features of your home aren’t the only things potential buyers remember.

While these are great tips for anyone preparing to list their home, we recommend contacting Savvy Staging Co. to schedule a Signature Savvy walk through, where we will provide you with customized feedback on things to help prepare your home for the market.  Contact Savvy Staging Co. at 801.643.6029 to set up your appointment today.