New Year, New House??

365 New Days…365 New Chances! Bring on 2019!


Oh it’s so fun to turn the calendar over to a new year! With the new year comes new chances, goals, aspirations and opportunities. Whether you are on the search for a new home or wanting to make a change in your own, this post is for you! Let the turn of a new year spark a push in your mind for motivation and energy to organize your spaces. When you get that itch, run with it!!

PS, I recommend doing this whether you are moving or not.

Some tips:

  • Don’t try to swallow the whole elephant all at once, start with something small, like a drawer.
  • Give it time, but just start!
  • Let yourself let go of things.
  • Don’t move junk from one space to another, find a home for it, even if it isn’t in your actual home (donate, garbage, recycle, etc)
  • Throw out/donate clothes that haven’t been worn for 2 years.
  • Clean out toy bins while kids aren’t present, this is my personal opinion. It’s so much easier when those kiddos aren’t showing sudden dramatic attachments.
  • Take advantage of storage options. You may be inspired by browsing through Amazon or the Container Store’s websites.
  • Take before and after pictures! Even if you aren’t going to share them with others they can be inspiring for you.
  • Have fun and enjoy the ride! Caffeine helps too!


If you end up sharing any before and after pictures on social media please tag me! @savvydesignandstaging

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