Mud Room Magic


This is my own house and I can’t believe I’m sharing this “Before” but it’s real life and that’s what mudrooms are for, right? I really enjoy seeing a project like this through from start to finish, even if the kids had their way with it a few hours later.

However, I’m sharing this to show that even a brand new house can be unappealing in its own form. The before picture shows every which-way we have used this space, and that’s fine and dandy for day to day use, but doesn’t the “After” just make you give a big “ahhhhhh” sigh of satisfaction? That’s the kind of feeling you want to give a potential home buyer (or anybody)! It’s inviting, organized, clean, pleasing to the eye…you get the picture. Whether you’re looking to sell a home or just kick the spring cleaning into gear, Savvy Staging is here for you!

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