Pet Hair, Please Care!

Dog 2

We love dogs and cats as much as anyone else… but when you are in the process of preparing your home to sell, fido can certainly get in the way for potential buyers.  Whether the potential buyers are pet people or not, pet related items can be a distraction during walk throughs. We recommend following these steps to make your home pet ready.

“While your pet may be a part of your family,

don’t force your pet on potential buyers.”

Pet Messes:  Make sure your yard or little box are clean and tidy.  Nothing is worse than a buyer being hit by little box smell the moment they walk through the door, except maybe stepping in a pile of dog me

Hair:  Animal hair is not only distracting, but can also cause an allergic reaction for some potential buyers. Pet hair is most visible on furniture but also tends to collect along baseboards and in corners. Make sure to vacuum or sweep in preparation for walk throughs. If your home has a pet bed or other area that has a strong scent, you may want to remove it or at the very least clean and febreeze it.

Pet Time:  I will never forget several walk throughs I had when searching for my own home. One was where a cat greeted us at the front door and proceeded to rub against our legs throughout our entire tour through the home. While I didn’t mind, my husband is highly allergic to cats and had very red and swollen eyes by the end of the walk through, leaving a negative impression. The other walk through that stands out in my mind was another pet incident. We had viewed the inside of the whole home, but when we tried to go out the sliding door to see the back yard, the owners large dog began barking and jumping at the door. We didn’t go outside to find out if he was friendly, so we didn’t see the backyard and may have missed out on more that the house to offer.

Don’t let this happen to your home. While your pet may be a part of your family, don’t force your pet on potential buyers. It may be a good idea to contain your pet in a single room or better yet, take your pet with you and allow your realtor to walk potential buyers through your home pet free.  If you or someone you know is preparing to sell a pet friendly home, contact us to set up a recommendation walk through or a free cleaning consultation.  If you purchased a pet friendly home and need help getting it move in ready, let us provide a free cleaning consultation.  We can assist with ridding homes of urine, dander, and other pet related scents.  We have the skills and products to make your home squeaky clean and ready for you and your family. Contact us today to assist you with your home buying or selling preparation.

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