It’s Tax Time!

It’s tax time everyone! We’ve seen many Utah home sellers using their tax returns on home improvements.  This is a great time to do house projects, and if you got a decent sized return, it could be well worth your while.  Upgrades can help your Utah home sell easier and can also add some major value to your home!  If you have wondered if that upgrade or remodel you have been considering would be worth it, check out the resale value on the following upgrades:


  • Basement Remodel:                      70.4%

  • Deck Addition:                               64.4%

  • Bathroom Remodel:                      65.7%

  • Garage Door Replacement:         91.5%

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel:              83.1%

  • Roofing Replacement:                  71.7%


The majority of the resale values are up from last year.  Many times it’s worth the time and effort for the payout that will come at selling time, especially if you get to enjoy some of those upgrades with your own family for a while before you move.

Extra value set aside, you may want to consider doing an upgrade to avoid paying out at selling time.  Often if your home could use an upgrade and you choose not to do it, potential buyers may expect a reduction in the price.  If your carpet is worn out and you choose not to replace it, a potential buyer may expect a carpet allowance, costing you a lot in the long run.  Some buyers are not in the market for a fixer upper. So even if there is an allowance, if your home requires updates, some buyers may simply not be interested.  Some sellers will even replace carpet on a 12 month no interest plan, and then simply pay off the purchase when the house sells, that way the bad carpet isn’t a distraction during walk throughs.

Let a Utah Savvy Staging Co. consultant do a custom walk through of your home.  We can offer insight as to what upgrades will help your home sell and what outdated items may be a distraction to potential buyers.  Weber or Davis County home staging can make all the difference to selling your home.  Utah staging can help your home sell quicker and for more.  We know selling can be a stressful process, so let us help take some of the burden off.  We are offering many spring specials right now, so contact us today to schedule a staging appointment for your Utah home.  Text or call us now at 801.643.6029.  Savvy Staging Co., where we stage your space to sell.

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