Start Your Engines!

Spring is a great time to list your home on the market, and it’s just around the corner.  So now is the time to start making improvements to your home so it’s ready to list.  Start your home improvement engines and get those projects done!  By preparing the interior of your home now, it will allow you to focus on the exterior of your home in the upcoming months as the weather warms up.

People often ask what the most common home improvements are.  While these vary from home to home, there are a few things that can benefit almost every home.


  • Clear out the clutter:  Pack up items you won’t need for the next little while.  You’ll be saving yourself time on packing later.  Boxes can be stored in your basement, a garage, or you can even rent a storage unit.  The point is to get clutter and unnecessary items out of your rooms to help them appear more spacious and allow potential buyers to really see the space and imagine how their own family will use it.  
  • Polish up paint:  Touch up spots that require additional paint to give your home a finished look.  One place that commonly requires paint are your baseboards.  Baseboards are at the perfect level for scuffs, dents, and damage.  Since most baseboards are painted white, this can leave them looking awful.  Give your baseboards a fresh coat of paint and you’ll be amazed at the difference.  Beyond touching up existing paint, you may want to apply a whole new color.  At Savvy Staging Co, we can provide a list of neutral colors that will be pleasing to potential buyers.  We definitely recommend painting over bright colors as they can sometimes shock potential buyers and leave a negative impression.  
  • Clean, clean, clean:  Take time to do a deep cleaning of your home, clean your carpets, clean your bathrooms, etc.  You may even want to hire a professional to provide cleaning services for you so that rings in the toilet, stained carpet, and other unwanted features of your home aren’t the only things potential buyers remember.

While these are great tips for anyone preparing to list their home, we recommend contacting Savvy Staging Co. to schedule a Signature Savvy walk through, where we will provide you with customized feedback on things to help prepare your home for the market.  Contact Savvy Staging Co. at 801.643.6029 to set up your appointment today.


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