We’re so excited for fall we can hardly stand it!  The sweater weather, the pumpkin flavored everything, the leaves….. those darn leaves.  While we love them, they can create havoc for a home walk through.  Leaves can be tracked into the home making a mess of your carpet.  Another problem leaves cause is that they can leave a sore first impression for potential buyers.  Just picture it now-your potential buyers get out of their car and the first thing they see are leaves.  Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves everywhere!  The last thing a potential buyer wants to see when they walk through a home is the amount of work they are going to have to put into it.

Curb appeal isn’t

just for spring.

Many sellers only associate curb appeal with selling their home in the spring or summer, but curb appeal is crucial year round.  While the tips for curb appeal differ for the changing seasons, it’s important to take a detailed look at the outside of your home.  Try looking at it as if perceiving it for the first time.  What do you notice?  What do you like?  What do you dislike?  Here are a couple quick tips for fall season curb appeal:logo_small

-Rid the lawn of leaves

-Trim back bushes, hedges, and trees

-Primp your porch

              (This includes sweeping your porch, adding a nice welcome mat, and a wreath.)

Fall is a beautiful time of year to sell, there aren’t as many homes going up on the market, so your home has a better chance to shine.  At Savvy Staging Co., we have the skills to help your home stand out to potential buyers.  Let one of our staging consultants assist you today.  Contact us now at 801.643.6029.


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