Well lit rooms are crucial to your home looking as spacious as possible.  Open your blinds and draw back the curtains to let in natural light.  By allowing light to come in, it can help your rooms appear larger and also lets your paint show off its full vibrance.  We also recommend leaving lights on if you know you’re having a walk through.  That way potential buyers aren’t fumbling around searching for light switches.  Which can be very distracting.

If your home has limited lighting, you may want to consider bringing in some lamps, especially since many walk throughs occur at night when there isn’t as much natural light available to help illuminate your rooms.  Lamps can also be excellent accent pieces for your rooms, adding just the right amount of style or color.  It’s also a good idea to take a few minutes to replace all burned out light bulbs throughout your home.  It’s a quick step that is well worth your time.

At Savvy Staging Co., we understand the importance of a well illuminated space.  We understand selling your home in a timely manner is incredibly important.  Contact us today to schedule a Signature Savvy Walk Through, where we provide custom tips and recommendations for your home.  Let us help you prepare to list.


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